Updating Type 2 SCD Attributes using the T-SQL Merge Statement

During Matt Masson’s SSIS Performance Design Patterns pre-con day at SQLBits last year, Matt discussed the use of the T-SQL Merge statement for implementing Type 2 SCD attribute updates.

In one of his posts on Microsoft’s SSIS Team Blog, he references the source of this idea as being […] “Updating Type 2 SCD Attributes using the T-SQL Merge Statement”

Rowgroup Elimination for Clustered Columnstore Indexes

When bulk loading data into clustered columnstore indexes – either to populate them initially or during subsequent loads – an important design consideration is the resulting performance of the load.

But the way in which the table is queried after the load is also a factor to consider during the design stage. […] “Rowgroup Elimination for Clustered Columnstore Indexes”

Updating Type 6 Slowly Changing Dimension Attributes

This post completes my mini-series on implementing the Kimball-based SSIS patterns described by John Welch in his SQLBits session on Handling Advanced Data Warehouse Scenarios in SSIS.

The task here is how to best implement inserts and updates to slowly changing dimensions with Type 6 […] “Updating Type 6 Slowly Changing Dimension Attributes”