Restartability in the SSIS Data Flow

Whilst there is no shortage of strategies for implementing restartability within the SSIS control flow (e.g. see here), achieving restartability within the data flow is a different kettle of fish completely.

This is because whilst control flow strategies can often be implemented independently of the content of […] “Restartability in the SSIS Data Flow”

Restartability in the SSIS Control Flow

There have been a number of articles about restartability in SSIS, particularly with regards how checkpoints and transactions are not always an effective solution.

Jamie Thomson’s article here is one example, and Matt Masson’s here is another. As a consequence, a number of approaches have been devised that avoid or limit […] “Restartability in the SSIS Control Flow

The Logical Data Map

The logical data map is a document that shows how source fields map to target fields within an ETL process.

In this post I discuss a template for the logical data map that’s presented by Ralph Kimball in his book The Data Warehouse ETL Toolkit. It’s oriented around star schema data warehouse ETL, but can easily be adapted for […] “The Logical Data Map”