Unit Testing T-SQL Stored Procedures with tSQLt

tSQLt is a free, open source database unit testing framework for SQL Server.

In this post I give a brief description of how to install it and how it works, and then go on to use it to extend the Continuous Integration build configuration from my last post to include automated testing for the QA […] “Unit Testing T-SQL Stored Procedures with tSQLt”

Continuous Integration for SQL Server Projects

Whilst continuous integration (CI) is a well established practice in the context of application development, its use within database development has typically lagged.

In this post I’m walking through a CI framework for SQL Server, that’s built upon Visual Studio 2015, SSDT, GitHub, DACPACs, TeamCity and PowerShell. […] “Continuous Integration for SQL Server Projects”

Predicate Pushdown and Columnstore Indexes

Predicate pushdown in SQL Server is a query plan optimisation that pushes predicates down the query tree, so that filtering occurs earlier within query execution than implied by the logical query execution ordering.

So with an inner join query for example, a predicate that appears in the WHERE clause and that logically […] “Predicate Pushdown and Columnstore Indexes”